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7 Day Human Cadaver Dissection For Movement Artists

Mature respect for the donors and their gift. The ability to manage personal needs (the first time in a cadaver lab can be challenging for some (see Comfort below)

Do I have to have knowledge about anatomy to attend?
No, you do not.
Although it is helpful to have previous anatomy knowledge is it not required. There are learning advantages in both identifying structures you are familiar with and exploring structures without preconceptions. Learning anatomy from books and doing dissection are two very different things.

What do I need to bring?
All dissection tools will be supplied.
We will need to bring a box of latex or nitrile gloves that you will use during the class.
We ask that you bring a lab coat and comfortable clothing such as scrubs to wear during the class.
I have a REUSE-TO-REDUCE-WASTE PROGRAM that sells used lab attire. Click here to get info about the program and see the available inventory.
You will also be responsible for any masks, eye protection, or essential oils etc. that you would like to use.

Deposit and Terms
This class requires a very serious commitment on the part of everyone involved.
The cost of running this workshop is very high and it takes considerable planning by all attendees.
If your application is accepted, we require a non-refundable $600 deposit to secure your spot. Please do not pay your deposit until notification of acceptance of your application.
The remaining balance is due 8 weeks prior to the start day of the class (July 8, 2019).
There are no refunds made for cancellations within 4weeks of the workshop’s start date. Since spots created by late cancellations are not easily filled.

Payment methods
Paypal (via; 'sending to a friend')
Credit card (w 3% surcharge).

This workshop will be held at the Institute for Anatomical Research in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Does it smell?
This is a very well-ventilated lab. However, an aroma is still present.
What works well for people who are distracted by the smell is to bring essential oils which can be applied to a paper face mask or a bandana worn around the neck or over the face.

Can I take photographs?
No photographs, videos or recordings on any camera or mobile device are allowed. Our intent is to maintain the integrity of the lab and the donor program. This is a very serious and strict rule for us and if it is breached, you will be removed from the lab and the class.

Food and drink are not allowed in the lab. Whatever you bring can be left outside the lab for snacking, lunch etc.
Cell phone use in the lab is discouraged. Please refrain from using your phones in the lab. If you need to use your phone, please leave the lab to do so.

The first time in a cadaver lab and be challenging for some people. It is an environment that can be surreal and confronts one with mortality.
Please be aware that you will be encouraged to immerse yourself into the environment at a pace that is comfortable for you. Be aware of needs and tend to them. Feel free to step back if needed, remember to take breaks from the lab keep hydrated etc. There will always be someone around with whom you can ask for help. Working with cadavers
The cadavers are all preserved, using a process that fixes the body at the time of death. The cadavers are sterile and do not bleed.
Know that the cadavers were all willfully donated by the person. Ultimately, the form is no longer a person, but rather the material that the person has left behind.
It is their gift to you so that you may learn by exploring their form in an intimate manner. The lab is a place where the last wishes of the donor and their family can be accomplished.
The generosity of their gift should not be underestimated and in their honor fully connect with the experience our appreciation for how fortunate we are to do this type of workshop.

There will be a maximum 8 participants per cadaver.
When we begin the week we work in teams, with 3-4 people on each side of the cadaver form. As the week progresses this change to accommodate arising projects.

What am I required to do?
All that is asked of you is that you do what you are comfortable doing and nothing else, whether it be hanging back and observing from time to time or fully immersing yourself up close. It is important that you respect your needs and work at your own pace.
This workshop is a learning experience on many levels, you be expertly guided through all aspects of the learning process.

Can I undertake my own projects?
Throughout the week will we discuss options and define projects. Many of the dissection projects that will we take on will require the effort more than one person so projects are usually be done in teams some projects will undoubtably be solo endeavors.
The wonderful thing about dissection is that you will have the option of attempting to reveal presentations of our choosing. Your ideas and suggestions will definitely be taking into account.
It all cases you will we receive guidance with your journeys of discovery.

How is learning anatomy from dissection different from learning from text books and software?
Even the best anatomy resources fall short of presenting a true sense of the reality of the human form and how structures integrate with the whole. These resources typically show very cleaned up and/or averaged representation and don’t convey a truly accurate understanding of the real form.
This workshop takes you into the fascinating and often disorienting world of real anatomy and offers the opportunity to study via the dissecting of human cadavers.
Each cadaver is unique, and structures often don't match anatomical resource materials. Cadaver study allows the observer to appreciate the multitude of ways the basic pattern of the body can be expressed.

How will this dissection experience benefit me?
This workshop will change the way you perceive of the human body. You will practical understanding how the body is an integrated whole and how functional movement utilizes this integration.
Your ability to visualize internal structures will be strengthen and your inner kinesthetic sense will be heightened, both making effective contributions to making your training more effective and enjoyable.
This workshop will also likely change the way you feel about the world around you. Participants common express a heighten sense of wonder with the natural world, and increased creativity. I great boost for the artist within.

Day off
You will have time to enjoy Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.
The area offers so many things to do and explore, you will want to take advantage of this opportunity!
You can explore: • Garden of the Gods • Pikes Peak • Cheynne Mountain • Manitou Springs Incline • Cave of the Winds Mountain Park • Shopping in Old Colorado City • Fine quality restaurants • Sunwater Spa in Manitou Springs • And many other opportunities for fun and adventure

Enrollment: Download workshop application form pdf

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